Daniel Joseph McGandy – First War of Independence fatality

Daniel Joseph McGandy of 7 Bond’s Hill, Waterside, Derry died on 20th January 1919. He had served with the IRA in A Company, Derry city area. According to information in file the inquest returned a verdict of death by drowning.

The successful application under the Army Pensions Act, 1923 was made by the deceased’s father, Daniel. He was awarded a gratuity (once off payment) of £50. Daniel McGandy claims that his son was employed as a postman in the General Post Office, Londonderry and that he used his post bag to transfer bombs from Craig’s Engineering Works. The applicant claims that the IRA had been removing bombs from Craig’s for some time and that Crown forces laid a trap, attacked McGandy using chloroform and threw his body into the River Folye at Princes Dock, Derry.

Other reports in file confirm that McGandy was one of a party detailed to remove bombs from Craig’s Engineering Works, Derry. The operation was later cancelled. McGandy, it appears, was unaware of this information and turned up at the quay side location and awaited the rest of the party.

1D459 Daniel Joseph McGandy 2
Letter from applicant detailing the death of his son
1D459 Daniel Joseph McGandy3
Letter from applicant detailing the death of his son