April – June 1919 – Part 2/4

This is the second part of our basic chronology for the year 1919, linking MSPC files to various events that happened that year. All individuals linked to major or smaller events will be added as the archivists’ processing work progresses. Events may also be added as found.

Part 1: January-March available here.
Part 3: July-September
Part 4: October-December

This can be considered as a working document to be added to, to complete, to correct and to be used as a holistic guide to MSPC sources.

APRIL 1919

6/4 – Robert Joseph Byrne (1D260) – Limerick workhouse

15-27/4: Limerick Soviet
[No found mention yet]

MAY 1919

4/5 – Death of Michael Walshe. Wounded at Ballinagoul, Ring, Dungarvan, County Waterford.

13/5 – Knocklong

Louis Marie – 24SP11758

Seán Hogan – MSP34REF375

Richard Fitzgerald – MSP34REF44955

David O’Byrne – MSP34REF37466

Edmond Denihan – MSP34REF39146

Michael Ryan – MSP34REF57056

Mary Russell – MSP34REF59935

Catherine Clancy – MSP34REF59912

John Maurice MacCarthy – 24SP3379

Patrick Ryan – 24SP6626

John Dee – 24SP6646

James Scanlan – 24SP2306

Liam Hayes – 24SP9676

Thomas Finn – MSP34REF6365

Patrick Maher – 1D343

Edmond Foley – 1D279

John Hickey – MSP34REF31849

Michael Nugent – MSP34REF5719

Edmund Crawford – 1D276

Thomas Howard – 1D255

Thomas O’Regan – MSP34REF17003

Bridget Ryan – MSP34REF50139

Annie Barrett – MSP34REF57556

Mary Ryan – MSP34REF12771

Bridget/Bridie O’Donnell – MSP34REF59841

Michael Hyland – 24SP4334

Sean Thomas Riordan – MSP34REF17158

Mary Keane – MSP34REF40416

Katie Hanley – MSP34REF60186

Amey O’Reilly – MSP34REF17968

May/Mary Clair – MSP34REF46908

Johanna Hynes – MSP34REF55632

20/5 – Death of Michael Tobin at Mercy Hospital, Cork, County Cork. Wounded at
33 Grattan Street, Cork.

JUNE 1919

18/6 – Dáil officially established the Dáil Courts

First of the Dáil Courts, Ballinrobe, Co Mayo: no found mention yet.

Patrick J Moran – MSP34REF505
Harold McBrien – MSP34REF22655
PJ Ruttledge – MSP34REF60608
John Gardner – MSP34REF14502
Peadar O’Brien – MSP34REF20091
Áine Heron – MSP34REF153
Eamon Hannan – MSP34REF42802
Laurence Ginnell (MSP34REF42754; nephew): References state he took charge of important documents including Intelligence reports. He claims he was appointed Battalion Adjutant as well as Director of Propaganda for Westmeath and Clerk to the Dáil Courts for which he arranged trials and collected fines.

23/6 – Killing of D.I. Hunt, Thurles, Co. Tipperary

Brigade Activity Reports: A13_A 2 Mid-Tipperary Brigade

Operation highlight

James Stapleton (MSP34REF1529)
James Murphy (MSP34REF8369)
James Leahy (MSP34REF3885)

24/6: Attack and disarming of Sergeant Oates and Constable JJ O’Connell, of Camp. Attacked near Meenascarthy

[No found mention in files yet]