October- December 1919 – Part 4/4

This is the fourth and last part of our basic chronology for the year 1919, linking MSPC files to various events that happened that year. All individuals linked to major or smaller events will be added as the archivists’ processing work progresses.

Part 1: January-March
Part 2: April-June
Part 3: July-September



? /11 – Raid for arms on Mount Callan House – Residence of Captain Tottenham

Bryan O’Loghlin (MSP34REF4265)
James Hennessy (MSP34REF17178)

11/11 – First edition of the Irish Bulletin, produced by Dáil Éireann’s Department of Publicity

[“Irish Bulletin”: 4 hits]
Robert Brennan (MSP34REF18488)
Editor of “The Irish Bulletin” [1918-1920]
*Kathleen Mary Napoli (née McKenna) (Release 2019)
Editorial assistant, The Irish Bulletin newsletter, Dublin, Ireland.


19/12 – Attempted assassination of Lord French, Ashtown

Martin Savage (1D107)
Joseph O’Connor (MSP34REF54)
Joseph Leonard (24SP2671)
Thomas Kilcoyne (24SP11277)
Thomas Wheatley (MSP34REF14188)
Liam Kavanagh (MSP34REF851)
Seán Moylan (MSP34REF49)
Daniel Hubert Earle (MSP34REF815)
*Eugene J Kelly (MSP34REF1130) (Release 2019)
On the night before a major IRA operation to attack Lord French and a British military parade in Dublin on Armistice Day [1919], the applicant discovered a letter signed “XIX Fairview” which revealed full details of the planned ambush. Eugene J. Kelly states that it was a “bomb shell in the ranks of the GHQ (General Headquarters) to know how the information was got and the whole thing was called off”.